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12 February 2015

5 Themes to Party the Night Away

Are parties your thing, but do you find that planning them is a schlep? Theme parties are usually the ones to be remembered, which is why we have suggested 5 of them that are sure to get your night off the ground.

ABC parties are a simple, but epic way of incorporating a theme without asking too much of your friends. ABC, as you may or may not know, stands for Anything But a Cup. So, whether the party features alcohol or not, your friends may not drink out of cups. Some fun ideas include cans, flasks and camera film container shots.

Movie theme parties are sure to put a creative spin on any night. Be sure and choose a recognisable movie that most of your friends will have seen. Some ideas that are tried and true are Gladiator or 300 and the Avengers. For the Avengers, just have everyone dress in their favourite character (Hulk, Captain America or Iron man). For Gladiator or 300, let your imagination run wild. You can serve wine, cheese and grapes and even make a punch. Dressing up is easy all you need is an old bed sheet, some string and a few twigs. If you don’t want to pick just one movie, you could pick a genre such as sci-fi or horror.


It is doubtful that there has ever been a speakeasy themed party that hasn’t been fun. The 1920’s are a very recognisable era and also one that is fun to duplicate. Suits and hats are appropriate for the gents and vintage dresses with gloves for the ladies. Jazz and perhaps some old school music, dancing and a limited but good drink selection are sure to make for a fun night. Be sure the atmosphere has some mood lighting, to stay in the speakeasy theme.

Food is known as the language of the world, why not celebrate that? You can have a party themed on the culinary exploits and themes of one country or have every guest bring a dish inspired by a different country or region. Decoration is pretty simple here. If you’re basing the theme off of one country, decorate according to that country using iconic symbols of culture. If you’re having everyone bring a dish from a different country, go as multicultural as you can while remaining tasteful (to your own standards, of course).

Milan, Paris and New York City; what do all of these places have in common? High fashion! A high fashion party can be a fun way to get everyone together while keeping the atmosphere more conservative and clean. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy dressing up? Just have your guests arrive in what they interpret to be high fashion. Given the complete spectrum of what is considered “high fashion”, the results could surprise you! For decoration, stick to modern and elegant pieces, and as far as food is concerned, trays of finger sandwiches and other light snacks will suffice.

Rubik’s cube parties are a fun and simple way of throwing a theme party. The party is based on the 80’s puzzle toy and everyone has to wear solid coloured items of clothing according to the cube colours: red, white, blue, green, yellow and orange. Throughout the party you swop items of clothing with your friends, and the goal is to be dressed in one colour by the end of the night. To liven up the party ask your friends to be creative, they can wear hats, sock and gloves and prizes can be given to the most creative person or the first person to be dressed in one colour. Decorating is pretty simple as well, as you can use anything that matches the cubes’ colours and you can also easily provide the necessary food and drinks along the party theme.

Theme parties are a great way to blow off steam after a hard week at work. No matter which theme you choose, it’s sure to be a fun night. Get some opinions on your theme before you throw a party and don’t be afraid to add some quirky details or games to make it your own. Have a good time and let your worries fade into the night; you don’t have to be a grown up all the time.


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