CAN DO! Tips to the perfect simple braai

Five Things To Expect From A CAN DO! Party
December 5, 2016

CAN DO! Tips to the perfect simple braai

The perfectly simple braai

So you are thinking of hosting your friends for a birthday party, soccer game or just a chillas over the weekend but the problem is you have never hosted before! Here are some great tips to make the braai not only great for your friends but even simpler for you.

  1. Ask your friends to bring a salad if you are not certain how to make chakalaka, greek salad or the fancier dishes. This will get your friends involved in the process and won’t leave you overspending on the extras
  2. Serve your guests chips with dips while they wait for the food
  3. Add bay branches to the fire – it adds a lovely flavour to red meat such as rump.
  4. When braaing, squeeze fresh lemon over your lamb chops to make them extra tender and enhance the natural flavour of the meat
  5. Braai sausage first, then rashers or ribs. And always end with the steaks.
  6. If you want the meat succulent, avoid turning it too many times! This allows the meat to seal in all its juices
  7. For the best side dish on a budget, cut some potatoes open with a cross, skin still on, fill with butter and crushed garlic and then wrap in foil. Place your potatoes between your coals for 20 minutes and enjoy
  8. Buy drinks in cans. This will help with cleaning up later on and avoid any breakages!
  9. Play music in the background and whip out a board game for something more interactive to warm everyone up
  10. Ask your friends to help you with the dishes before the night is over, true friends won’t mind

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