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03 October 2014
New Can Do Site

Check Out Our New Interactive Website

After months of preparation, we are proud to present you with the new CAN DO! website. We have a new look and a new design which makes it so much more appealing and functional. We have made several additions for you to enjoy.

Our new website is user-friendly, and we made it simpler for you to manage. The tabs are more visible and navigating your way through the website is more pleasant. Our dynamic new website has added functions and we have made it easier for you to interact with us. Now you can easily access our social media networks and continuously communicate with us and other CAN DO’ers.

You can also be part of the CAN DO! revolution, simply sign up, become a member and keep up to date with the latest. Take a look around our new website and discover what’s happening around your area. Your local tavern can also join as a tavern partner, and upload all their latest happenings. And when you join as a Party Animal, you too will be clued up on all the CAN DO! tours and events.

The aim of the new CAN DO! website is to be more interactive with you. Browse through our gallery and check out all the photos from the latest events. We have also added a cool new feature which allows you to upload music through our new website or SoundCloud. So now other taverns and CAN DO’ers can listen and enjoy your vibes. And who knows you might even get a gig.

You can also easily access all the information regarding our initiatives, and become part of them.

With all these new functions and additions to our website, we hope to enrich your CAN DO! experience.


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