Five Pointers For Safe And Smart Partying

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December 5, 2016
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Five Pointers For Safe And Smart Partying

We all love turning up! But we have all come across people who are just doing it wrong; sporting behaviour that ruins it for everyone else. Or we find ourselves on the receiving end of a bad joke when our bag gets stolen. It usually boils down to people having had too much to drink, too quickly or not being alert. So here are a few pointers that will help prevent you from becoming one of those statistics!

Check out our five pointers for safe, smart partying.

1. Eat Well Before You Go Out

Making sure your stomach is lined with a good feed will prevent you from getting drunk too quickly. If alcohol is the first thing to hit your empty stomach, it will go straight to your head and you’ll be beyond your personal limit in no time. The whole “eating is cheating” rule doesn’t apply here because if you want to party for the long haul, you’re going to need some sustenance to keep you going. Make sure you eat a decent meal about an hour before heading out and you’ll be ready for action when you arrive.

2. Drink Loads Of Water Throughout The Day

Drinking alcohol is a quick way to get dehydrated, but drinking water throughout the day will keep your hydration levels up and will also ease your hangover the next day. What a win! You’ll also be able to keep going a lot longer if you mix up your drinking with some soft drinks or water.

3. Keep Your Personal Belongings Close To You

It’s a sad truth that no matter where you go, there will always be people with light fingers, ready to snatch a phone or a wallet. Keep your personal belongings close to you at all times so you don’t walk out of the party with disappointment. Never leave your bags or jackets unattended and keep an eye out for your friend’s belongings too.

4. Party In A Group

There’s safety in numbers and that’s not just a cool catch phrase. From the point of keeping an eye on each other when you’re drinking a lot or making sure your belongings don’t get swiped, having a group of friends with you when you party is a well-thought out plan.

5. Don’t Drink And Drive

It’s never a good choice, no matter what odds you’re faced with. Drinking and driving will not only put your life and others at risk, but it will also heighten your chance of getting arrested. And rightly so: drinking under the influence is selfish and stupid. Make sure you’ve got options for lifts, whether it’s in the form of a taxi ride home or a designated driver.

Think you’re ready for the next turn up now? Find a CAN Do! party near you and we’ll see you there!

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