Five Things To Expect From A CAN DO! Party

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July 14, 2016
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Five Things To Expect From A CAN DO! Party

CAN DO! parties are the fresh escape for all Mzansi locals with a CAN DO! attitude. They’ve become a stable part of our culture and always attract the coolest cats who are into having some good, clean fun! If you’ve never been to one of our events, then you’re missing out! Here are five things you can expect from any CAN DO! party.

1. Crisp, Cold Drinks In Cans

The main features of all our parties are safety and enjoyment, and by selling drinks in cans we know that we can guarantee that our partygoers will have access to cold beverages in cans, which is the best way to enjoy your drinks.

We also allow our CAN DOers to bring in coolers with cans absolutely FREE.

Cans are better and safer because:

  • They are unbreakable, so never worry about getting hurt
  • They keep your drink cooler for long
  • They are lighter to carry around
  • They are easy to dispose
  • They are recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly

2. Free Entry

A CAN DO! party is more often than not a free celebration for South Africans! Whether you are in a CAN DO! Summer Tour, CAN DO! Refresh Tour or CAN DO! Turn Up party, you can be assured you will not break your bank.

3. The Vibe

You never need to worry about a CAN DO! event being a flop… it just doesn’t happen! Every single event we host is a true turn up, and the vibe will reel you in from the moment you arrive.

4. Beautiful, Happy People

People look forward to CAN DO! events for weeks. We have a following to be proud of and it wouldn’t be possible without all the beautiful, happy people who change it from an event into a party! You’re always sure to meet some of the coolest CAN DO! people from a number of different backgrounds, all there with one purpose in mind: to have the best time ever!

5. Dancing On Fleek

At a CAN DO! party it will be impossible for you to stand on the side and watching everyone else dance. The beat will get you going and the moves you will see on stage will have you join in. Come and get your groove on with all our brothers and sisters and take your dancing to the next level with top inspiration surrounding you from every angle.

Check out our gig guide to see what CAN DO! events are coming up in your area.

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