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04 July 2017

Get Personal With Frank Casino’s Unbreakable Spirit

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Born in Tembisa and raised in Kempton Park, Frank Casino is the perfect example of an Unbreakable Spirit. His journey hasn’t been an easy one, but the best and most memorable ones never are. Frank dreamed of becoming a musician. In 10th grade, he started taking his music more seriously and it’s a good thing he did! He set himself the goal of becoming a professional musician by 2017 and guess what? That’s exactly what happened! Proof that when you have a dream and you set your mind to it, anything is possible!

Refusing to play it safe, Frank took a leap of faith. He left his job to pursue his musical career. But, it was when he sold his car to buy studio equipment that things became real for Frank. But that’s also when the risk became clear – if he didn’t make it, he would sacrifice his integrity, and that wasn’t an option.

Like we said… sometimes things are hard, you are often your own worst enemy and you have to be strong and persevere. Frank Casino’s biggest challenge on this journey has been himself. The biggest challenge Frank had to overcome to make his dream a reality was ignoring his own inner voice that tried to break his spirit and told him to “give up”.

Frank Cansino a CAN DO! Unbreakable Spirit

Frank’s Advice For Other Unbreakable Spirits

What is Frank’s advice for upcoming musicians?

Practice constantly so that you can always do better and be better to drown out the inner voices that tell you that you can’t or it’s too difficult. Maintaining focus is extremely important because there will always be obstacles in your path. Being able to keep your cool regardless of what’s going on around you is essential.

In South Africa, it’s not enough to just be a musician; there are still boundaries to break in order to remain competitive in a fast and fierce environment. It’s also not enough to just be good at what you do. You have to be great and you need the ambition and drive to carry you further than you ever dreamed possible. This is what keeps Frank going because he knows that he needs to play a relevant and vital role in the music industry, both locally and abroad. For him it’s not an option to fail.

 Behind every Unbreakable Spirit is the ability to wake up everyday, keep ambitious and stay focused. Keep dreaming! – Frank Casino.


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