Nampak Bevcan’s CAN DO! brand revolutionises world-renowned festival “Rocking The Daisies” with beverage can innovations.

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August 7, 2017
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February 26, 2019

Nampak Bevcan’s CAN DO! brand revolutionises world-renowned festival “Rocking The Daisies” with beverage can innovations.

Nampak Bevcan, South Africa’s leading beverage can manufacturer has contributed tremendous efforts to better the environment they operate in through their consumer-facing brand CAN DO!

The latest of their various initiatives (which include empowering young entrepreneurs and upcoming talent) is becoming the headline sponsor of the world renowned festival “Rocking The Daisies” which is hosted every year in Darling, Cape Town.

The sponsorship is by no means an ordinary sponsorship, Nampak Bevcan has taken a step that is considered a world first, by using their resources and their
CAN DO! brand to manufacture beverage can cups which serve as alternative to single use plastic cups, as part of their efforts to create a greener, safer and more efficient environment.
The 500ml aluminium can cup has a sealed end that peels off to create a reusable drinking cup. The CAN DO! CAN CUPS are 100% recyclable which will be re-used throughout the festival by party-goers and recycled thereafter.

“CAN DO! is a youth brand that focuses on spreading the message that cans are a the safest and coolerest way of enjoying beverages. This new innovation is an exciting way of demonstrating the benefits and versatility of cans; so we aim to establish the can cup as the solution to all South African festivals and events to ensure a green and safe experience.” – Sine Mkhize, Marketing Manager- Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!)

Besides being the better choice for the environment, the CAN DO! CAN CUPS come with various other perks benefits for the consumer, they are unbreakable thereby reducing the risk of injury and incidents. They are aesthetically pleasing as they have a matt finish; the can cups are also are made from aluminium which ensures the contents in the can stay cooler for longer periods of time.

“This is a game changer for us as a festival, it is a relationship which makes sense for both parties but most importantly the collaboration with Nampak Bevcan – CAN DO! is the best thing we can do for the environment we live in” – George Avakian (Rocking The Daises Managing Director)

In addition to the creation of the can cups and to further the agenda of creating a 100% green Rocking The Daisies festival, CAN DO! has also created an alternative to plastic bottled water.

The canned still water comes in 440ml cans and will be available sold at a minimal cost of R5 per can for all festival goers to enjoy.

“It is important for us to take action to create a better environment for all and make a difference in people’s lives; our brand initiatives are therefore aimed at educating others about the benefits of cans and also empowering those who have the CAN DO! spirit. The Rocking the Daisies can cup and water in a can innovations are just another way of us living out the brand and making unbreakable moves that will inspire the youth of SA to choose cans.” – Sine Mkhize, Marketing Manager- Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!)

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