The most impactful stories are usually the ones that pass us by as we continue with our everyday lives, we want to tell those stories and shine light on the characters in our society that represent something bigger than themselves, the individuals who choose to be unbreakable in a world that tries to make them crack.

With an unprecedented 30 mixtapes released, international tours, iconic collaborations, numerous accolades, sharp lyricism, and as a first-generation product of post-oppressive South Africa who’s assumed the responsibility of raising the morale of Cape Town’s rich but often forgotten cultural heritage, Youngsta’s story is one of great depths and unbreakable resilience.

We have partnered with YoungstaCPT to tell his story through presenting the world with his highly anticipated debut album "3T" and curating a documentary that is set to tell his story like never before.

The unbreakable nature of the cans we manufacture is the golden thread between YoungstaCPT and our product and it is this very characteristic that we believe all people should embody, cultivate and encourage amongst each other!


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