Another W for Aluminium Cans

News just in: Aluminium in KING!

According to a study published on Detritus in October 2020 that was conducted by professors Alice Brock & Ian D Williams (University of Southampton in the UK), recycled aluminium cans were the least environmentally damaging single-use container available.

Brock & Williams compared five different types of pressurised drink containers and ranked them from least to most sustainable, according to their impact on the environment.

They found that aluminium can be constantly recycled with no change in properties while saving 95% of the energy used to make a new can and no new material needs to be mined or transported.

Professor Alice Brock, continued by saying, “aluminium cans contribute less to global warming than glass and plastic because making them consumes less energy and resources.” It’s safe to say that aluminium cans take the sustainability cup once again.