CAN DO! powered by Nampak Bevcan, ran a competition to find a young unbreakable entrepreneur. The competition had 2 major entry drivers. Namely, Television in the form of an Advert and 8 Custom Content Inserts on VUZU’s flagship show V-Entertainment.

The advert was a direct call to action for young people with existing business to fill in the entry form on the our website and follow the instructions, so that they can stand a chance to win R100 000 worth of the resources their business needs to get the next level. The Custom Content Inserts were based around supporting the concept of being an Unbreakable Entrepreneur, by selecting 8 different entrepreneurs from various fields that have been successful on their “come up” and profiling their challenges and their triumphs.

Over 500 young entrepreneurs entered the competition, after all the entries were analyzed internally but the Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!) team, a top 8 were chosen. The top 8 that were chosen moved onto the second part of the competition, which included the following:

– Personal Video Profile on their unbreakable story and their business.
– Advertising on CAN DO! scoial media profiles and website
– A 3 day Incubator Course at Standard Bank South Africa.

This phase of the competition would see the top 8 sharing and posting the content created for them by CAN DO! on all their social media profiles in the aim of sending people to the CAN DO! website to vote for them via a live voting poll.

After a full 4 weeks of the top 8 pushing the their content and marketing themselves, the Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!) team, through a series of different criteria for measurement, had to choose the top 3.

Finally on the 22nd of September CAN DO! hosted #TheUnbreakableFinale to announce the winners (Top 3) . The event was a party with a purpose, hosting some of South Africas hottest talent on the night in the form of DJ’s and Performers, young people from all over JHB came to celebrate the Unbreakable youth of South Africa.

The top 3 won the following:

– 3rd Place – 25k (Business Resources)
– 2nd Place – 50k (Business Resources)
– 1st Place – 100k (Business Resources)

Take a look below at the Top 8 from “The Unbreakable Entrepreneur” Season 1: